D&AD Winner 2017

Get Time Or Die Trying

Warning! This game may cause panic attacks, hysterical laughter and bad blood among friends.

In a world of abundance, time has become our most valuable currency. Are you willing to play the game with the highest stakes?

The rules are simple. You will be given an hourglass with the same amount of sand on both sides. Beat your opponents by getting all the sand over on your side of the hourglass. Do this by being the smartest, craftiest and, most importantly, the quickest.

Get time or die trying.  

Project made together with
Erica Svejderud
Linea Lindström


«The game concept takes place in our contemporary dystopia, where time is our most valuable currency. The idea is that the battle of the sand in the hourglass, works as an allusion of our time here on earth. The difference between reality and our game, is that you can be the master of your own faith in “Get Time Or Die Trying”.»



«The design is profoundly influenced by just that, and humanity's fascination of what we can’t explain or control. That is why our game design lighthearted builds on occult art manners & death. We are also influenced by hip hop music. Not only for the pop culture references, but also for its hard-edged feel and its true meaning — that hip hop culture is a way of dealing with the hardships of life. How it is a underground art form, a movement, designed to expose critical issues. In conclusion, “Get Time or Die Trying” is designed to feel like a hard edged and original game that does not conform to typical standards or trends in game design.»